Application Process

The trustees of the Paul Cottingham Trust meet approx. three times a year to discuss the applications and recommendations received for the previous four months.

If you believe your organisation fits within the aims of the Paul Cottingham Trust, you can submit an application online via


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is eligible?

The Trust only funds registered UK charities, CICs, CIOs and exempt charities (an exempt charity has charitable status and must comply with charity law).

Who is not eligible?

  • private limited companies
  • constituted groups/forums
  • gyms, sports centres
  • individuals in any capacity, even if the work being undertaken is charitable.


Do you provide repeat grants?

 As a small organisation with limited resources, we only provide repeat grants in genuinely exceptional circumstances where we see it as necessary for the project or programme’s success.

How do I know if our application has been successful?

If your application has been successful, we will contact you to inform you and arrange to transfer funds.

If we have been unsuccessful, will we receive feedback?

If you have requested it, we will notify you if your organisation’s application has been unsuccessful. However, we are unable to provide detailed feedback.