What we do

We financially support people and groups that work for LGBTI equality and inclusion in the world.

Every day around the world, countless individuals work selflessly to improve the lives of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) people. Many of them do so where it’s illegal to be transgender, lesbian or gay. Many also face additional discrimination and violence because of their religion or belief, their ethnicity, their occupation or countless other reasons.

Every year, we will grant a financial award to an individual or a group making a real difference for their communities.

We financially support members of the community who face hardship due to cancer.

Cancer spares no one. This can mean broken relationships and immense sadness, and sometimes too the loss of important income – especially when a family, couple or individual didn’t benefit from legal protection.

Throughout the year, we will help those affected by cancer and their loved ones.